Birdworld's mission statement.

“To inspire all visitors in the wonder of the amazing world of birds, promoting conservation and building a connection with nature through an engaging, educational and entertaining experience, providing an enjoyable day out for all age groups”

History of the Park

Birdworld first opened its doors to the public in 1968 and was run as a family business by Roy Harvey, his wife and children. Throughout the next 28 years the park grew in size and expanded to include the Jenny Wren Farm in 1990.

During the early 90’s, the next generation took over the day-to-day operation but in 1996 decided to move on to different ventures. It was at this time that neighbouring business owners, Denys E. Head Ltd, bought Birdworld to become the third division of their company, along with Forest Lodge Garden Centre and Garden Style.

Development of Birdworld continued throughout the next few years with the Terry Pratchett Owl Parliament, Silent Forest aviaries, Penguin Beach and Outback Landing becoming firm favourites with regular visitors.


We're part of the Haskins group

Birdworld became part of the Haskins group following the purchase of Forest Lodge, Garden Style and Birdworld in January 2020. Haskins are keen to continue the vision set in place by the Harvey family in the 1960’s with plans to expand the park further and to develop the vital conservation work.


Wild Birds & Rehoming


Can I bring an injured bird to you?

Birdworld is regrettably unable to take in any injured wild birds.

We are delighted to recommend the following wildlife rescue charity however. They help with all rescued or injured native species:

Hart Wildlife Rescue
Unit 9, Lower Soldridge Business Park, Soldridge Road, Medstead, Nr Alton, Hampshire, GU34 5JF.

01420 562335

I’ve found a bird of prey with jesses or rings on its legs, where can I take it?

IBR can help you to find its owner. The service is only for pet birds of prey with jesses or rings, not wild birds:

Independent Bird Register
North Yorkshire

08706 088500

I have an unwanted pet bird, can you help?

Birdworld is unable to re-home all exotic birds needing a new home, though where we are working with a species we can sometimes accept donations to help with our breeding programmes.

You may like to try these contacts:

The National Parrot Sanctuary at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park
Dickonhill Road, Friskney, Lincolnshire, PE22 8PF

0871 384 1130 (Calls to this number are charged at 8p per minute and vary when calling from a mobile phone)

Birdline Parrot Rescue
0845 643 1785

Charity & Raffle Requests

As a major visitor attraction situated near Farnham, we are pleased to support our local community and their charities in many ways.

In order to manage the process, requests will be considered based on the following criteria:

  • Organisations or registered charities whose work clearly supports or relates to our own mission.
  • Schools and community groups within a 20 mile radius.

Please note that letters from independent fundraisers will only be considered if a registered charity number or letter of authority is provided. Only one donation will be allocated to successful organisations in any twelve-month period.

Unfortunately, as we receive a high volume of requests, we are unable to respond to everyone. If we haven’t been in contact within 28 days, then your application has not been successful on this occasion.

We hope you understand our policy on this matter.

Please email your requests to

Applications need to be made at least 60 days prior to your event date. Successful applicants will be notified by post.