Don’t let a bit of rain dampen your spirits; in fact, it can add an extra dimension to your visit!

The weather often brings out unique behaviours in our feathered friends, making every moment a new discovery. So grab your umbrella, slip on your wellies, and let the avian wonders await you in their rainy-day fun!


Rainy days bring out different behaviours in our birds and animals. Keep an eye out for our birds that thrive in wet weather.
We have lots of water birds that love the summer rain, including White-faced Whistling Ducks, Flamingos, Penguins, Pelicans, Spoonbills, and other waders. Plus, our Parrots adore to bathe in the raindrops particularly the little lorikeets. For the Emus, the heavier the rain, the better. Down on the farm: more ducks and of course the piggies love the rain as it softens the ground and encourages snuffling and rooting around.


Enjoy a hot meal at our Palm Café or Parrot Point (weekends only).
You can also picnic at our Parrot Point café or under our huge trees.


Dress in waterproof gear to stay comfortable.
Pack essentials like wellies to make the most of your visit.


Forgot your raincoat?
Grab a poncho from our Gift Shop or a delightful flamingo umbrella.


Take cover in our new indoor walk-through experience ‘Love + Colour’.
Our indoor walk-through experience is a warm haven with colourful birds and vibrant flora. Ideal for drying off and exploring.


Enjoy our hides.
You'll find them throughout the site along with our covered section of parrots and picnic barn.