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Redevelopment proposals for Birdworld and Haskins Forest Lodge Garden Centre.
Updated: 9.11.2023

In February 2020 Haskins took over Forest Lodge Garden Centre & Birdworld.

Birdworld is one of the largest independent tourist attractions in the south east and has been a popular local destination for the past 50 years. Birdworld is a unique experience - it is the largest birdpark in the U.K. It currently attracts over 100,000 visitors a year and has an extensive conservation and breeding program.

Haskins is a family-run Garden Centre Business founded in 1882 by Harry Haskins on the south coast. Today, Harry Haskins’ great grandson Warren Haskins is the Chairman and is very much involved in developing the business.

The company is well respected nationally and internationally for its innovative and inventive approach to garden retailing.

Going Forward

The past few years have allowed Haskins to review the redevelopment proposals put in place by the previous owners and, from this hands on operation of Birdworld and Forest Lodge Garden Centre, to assess how best to improve both facilities so that they can deliver the very best customer and visitor experience. The purpose of this consultation is to introduce the redevelopment proposals and get your views. The intention is to work with the Council and the local community to create a viable and sustainable development for the future.