Parrots at Birdworld


Birdworld’s parrots are housed throughout the park and species can be found in all shapes and sizes. Parrots in Flight is one of Birdworld’s single largest aviaries, and this huge free flight space allows the parrots living here to fully stretch their wings and interact with each other as they would in their wild habitats.

Outback Landing is a walkthrough exhibit and home to our Budgie flock, who also share the exhibit with several of Australia’s other small bird species.

Built in 2019, Birdworld’s Cockatoo Aviaries displays some of the most charismatic parrot species, with our noisy Lorikeet Aviaries close by.

Some of the parrot species living at Birdworld include:

Mitchell’s Lorikeet


Green-winged Macaw

Yellow-crested Cockatoo


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