Talks & Shows

There is so much to enjoy and lots to learn on a visit to Birdworld.

Our friendly team present a variety of entertaining talks and shows throughout the year to teach you everything you need to know about our animals.


Please note:
All information regarding our Talks & Shows is subject to change, dependent on weather conditions and our Show Animals’ health and well-being on the day. Please ask Birdworld staff on the day of arrival which Events will be taking place during your visit. (Animals pictured on this page may not represent species displayed on the day.)


Penguin Feeding

Our penguins are fed twice a day, giving you two opportunities to enjoy watching them feed.

Our Aviculture Keepers will be on hand to tell you all about our two penguin species, the African Penguins and the Humboldt Penguins as they dive for their food in two very different exhibits.

If you really want to get involved then why not join the keepers and feed the penguins yourself? Visit our Penguins Feeding Experience page to learn more!


Show Times:

Start times: 11:00am and 3:30pm


11:00am at Penguin Island
3:30pm at Penguin Beach


Pelican Feeding

Join the Education Team each morning to see our lively flock of Pelicans get their lunch.

Discover the fascinating world of pelicans in this fishy feeding talk! This is also the perfect opportunity to spot Birdworld's visiting wild Grey Herons, and a member of the Education Team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.


Show Times:

Start time: 11:30am


Pelican exhibit