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Every single donation counts

As well as caring for and breeding threatened species at the park, did you know that Birdworld also has a Conservation Fund!

The Birdworld conservation fund was set up solely to support local and international conservation initiatives for the protection of threatened species. Every penny it raises goes directly to our conservation initiatives. No administration costs are taken and 100% goes directly to the charities it supports.

Each year the initiatives supported are reviewed to ensure that the best possible results are being achieved and we are proud to be raising money for several essential charities.

Currently we are fundraising for and working closely with SANCCOB and other rescue organisations worldwide to support penguin conservation in the wild. Penguin numbers are declining at an alarming rate due to overfishing, pollution and other environmental factors so Birdworld is raising money to help rear rescued penguin chicks in the wild and re-release them.

In addition to the major projects, Birdworld supports many local conservation initiatives such as creation of butterfly meadows around the park, protection of the local woodlands (the park borders the Alice Holt forest) and protection and monitoring of local wild bird populations. The fund relies entirely on the generosity of individuals like you to continue our work both locally and internationally so please consider doing something so worthwhile, make a donation so we can help more threatened species to survive. For more information email conservation@birdworld.co.uk.


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    Single donations

    No matter how small, every donation goes directly to the projects we support and nothing is taken out. You can currently donate online, or by posting your donation to:

    Birdworld Conservation Fund,
    Birdworld, Holt Pound,
    Farnham, Surrey  GU10 4LD

    Please do not send cash


    Helping the Environment

    Just a few examples of how we are committed to helping the environment:


    All of our waste material and bi-products are split down and recycled whenever possible. This includes paper, cardboard, polystyrene, plastics, aluminium cans, ink cartridges, cooking oil and many more items. To help with this, we have invested in machinery to compact and bale bulk materials so that they are suitable for collection by recycling companies.


    We set aside areas to compost suitable waste from across the company and where appropriate re-use this in our flowerbeds and other similar areas.

    Non-recyclable waste

    Items that cannot be recycled inevitably have to be sent for landfill. To minimise the amount produced, we have again invested in compaction technology, which in turn reduces the need for skip collection and therefore unnecessary transportation.

    Positive conservation efforts

    The Company collects rainwater from some of our buildings and ground water where possible for use within the business. We also support conservation actions through funding and education initiatives as part of our core activities at Birdworld.


    Green Tourism Business Scheme

    Birdworld is proud to be a member of the Green Tourism Business Scheme. In all areas of our company, we do everything practical to operate as a sustainable business. As such, our aim is that all of the activities we carry out should cause the minimum negative impact to the environment where possible.

    Read more about Green Tourism here or download the PDF on how you can help the environment even more.



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