Love + Colour set to bring a “feast for the senses” to Birdworld this spring

Families are set to flock to Birdworld as the launch date for its latest attraction, 'Love + Colour,' draws near.

Promising a 'feast for the senses,' the brand-new indoor attraction, opening to the public on 25 May, celebrates the vibrant world of colourful birds, offering an immersive experience for all ages.

Located in the space formerly known as Birdworld's 'Temperate House' walkthrough, Love + Colour features an array of magnificent colourful birds in an enchanting walkthrough experience with vibrant murals created by local artist Jen Leach Murals. The area also includes beautifully designed 'selfie' spots perfect for visitors of all ages, along with interactive play areas specially designed for young children.

Focusing on the intricate relationship-building of birds and the lessons humans can draw from these behaviours, 'Love + Colour' offers a unique learning opportunity. It seeks to share knowledge about avian relationships and mating rituals in a manner that's both educational and enjoyable, encouraging visitors to draw parallels with their own relationship experiences.

At the end of the walkthrough, the captivating tour culminates in a vibrant display of birds from Birdworld's successful breeding programmes, including the charming Bali Myna, bred from pairs brought together in the Park.


Visitors can also marvel at the exquisite Victoria Crowned Pigeons. In this species, males and females appear nearly identical, yet during courtship, the male performs a distinctive cooing and bowing display to woo the female.

There will be brightly coloured birdhouses ready for a pair of lovebirds to move in, and in addition to this, guests will have the opportunity to encounter the electric-blue Asian Glossy Starlings and Lilac Breasted Roller, both favourites among artists visiting the park. The latter is celebrated for its lilac breast, rusty cheeks, and a spring-green crown, giving it the appearance of having emerged from a watercolour painting.

Marketing Manager Woodies Wheeler-Bennett said:

“Here, your senses will come alive as you soak in the sights, sounds, and textures of the avian world. It has been a joy to see our vision develop before our very eyes and we can’t wait to share it with you all. It’s a true sensory sensation.”

Love + Colour is a free attraction included with admission at no extra cost. The campaign will be ongoing, with the official launch celebrations taking place from 25 May to 2 June.

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